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Our Opinion
Marc Fogel isn’t a household name. Before the Butler native was detained in Russia for possession of medical marijuana that he used to treat his severe back injury, he li...
August 10, 2022 Our Opinion
Driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike once again is going to be more expensive next year. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission recently approved a 5% increase on tolls fo...
August 08, 2022 Our Opinion
On Friday, we learned that the federal government declared a public health emergency to bolster the response to the monkeypox outbreak in the U.S. In a world that has mad...
August 06, 2022 Our Opinion
We thoroughly enjoyed reading about the National Night Out event that took place in the Woodbury Estates neighborhood in Butler Township Tuesday night. The photos speak f...
August 05, 2022 Our Opinion
The Seneca Valley school board is considering a proposal which would allow seniors to audition for the honor of speaking at their commencement ceremony. The board plans t...
August 04, 2022 Our Opinion
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